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TechSitters Public Safety SAS (Streaming Audio Service) provides public safety responders (fire, police, and EMS) with real-time access to radio communications via their cell phone. Unlike a traditional voice pager, Public Safety SAS allows responders to monitor all channels including dispatch, operations, and tactical channels without delay. There are no applications to install or configure, and communications are accessed by simply dialing into your department’s dedicated phone number.

In addition to monitoring radio communications, responders can also communicate in real-time with other responders.  TechSitters SAS assigns a private tactical channel for each call that is bridged into the streaming audio feed.  This private tactical channel allows for the entire team to converse, both in route and on scene, right from their mobile device!

How Public Safety SAS Works

Uniden BCD536HP Scanner

TechSitters Public Safety SAS provides your department (Fire, Police, EMS) with a managed streaming audio service device that will be connected to your department’s Internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc.) and one of your department radios or scanners. Each department may select the channels that they wish to broadcast including or excluding private TAC channels. Once your radio is connected, the device syncs with the TechSitters Public Safety SAS central communications center for real-time broadcast. Each department is assigned a local telephone number which your responders may call to instantly be connected to the live audio feed. No computer is required for the broadcast and no applications need to be installed on smartphones. TechSitters Public Safety SAS works with any mobile, landline, or VoIP telephone.

Public Safety SAS Pricing

Pricing is based on the number of simultaneous callers and includes unlimited users starting at only $50/mo.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What is required by our department to utilize the service?

Answer: Each department will need to have access to an Internet connection such as DSL or cable modem service and a department radio or scanner.

Question: Why is this better than a smartphone scanner application?

Answer: Scanner applications introduce a huge amount of delay (typically 45-120 seconds) which make them unusable for responders in route to a call. Most scanner applications rely on a volunteer to provide the feed source which typically doesn’t include the channels or channel priorities that are most useful to your department. TechSitters Public Safety SAS does not require users to have smartphones or have to install applications since the service is accessed by simply dialing a 10 digit phone number.

Question: How many people can utilize the service?

Answer: All TechSitters Public Safety SAS plans allow for an unlimited number of users; however, the number of simultaneous users is based on the service plan ordered.

Question: What if a user forgets to hang up the call when they are finished listening?

Answer: To protect users from utilizing minutes from mobile phones and unnecessarily tying up available call paths, the TechSitters Public Safety SAS device will disconnect callers after a configurable specified period (the default setting is 30 minutes).

Question: How can I make sure that only my department is using our service?

Answer: All accounts include a phone number filtering feature that may be activated at no charge. If this feature is activated, you may enter the telephone numbers that are authorized to listen.

Public Safety SAS Technical Requirements

Approximate Internet bandwidth utilized is 89k. No port forwarding is required since the provided device initiates the outbound UDP connection. A battery backup for the device and radio is preferred but not required.

Disclaimer: TechSitters Public Safety SAS is intended to provide real-time access to emergency radio traffic; however, it is not a replacement for radio access, 911, or other emergency communications. TechSitters Public Safety SAS is a convenience to responders but should not be solely relied upon for emergency communication or life-safety.

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