'The Telecom and Data Experts'

Put a team of proven professionals to work for you.

TechSitters will augment your staff and allow you to fill key rolls without hiring and training full-time employees. For example, you may only need an implementation team for specific projects and not have a need to staff those positions year round. TechSitters professional services give you the resources you need when you need them. Our areas of specialty are as follows:

  • TechSitters CTO/CIO – As your chief technology or information officer, TechSitters will ensure your business is making informed technology decisions that will enhance your company’s growth and performance.
  • TechSitters IT Department – As your IT department, TechSitters will handle all aspects of your in-house technology allowing you to focus on running your business.
  • TechSitters Expense Reduction Specialist – As your expense reduction specialist, TechSitters will complete a full audit of your communication and technology related expenses. Our professional team will identify over-expenditures, areas to increase efficiency, and provide you with a blueprint to reduce your operating costs.
  • TechSitters Implementation Team – As your implementation team, TechSitters will implement your in-house and client technology projects in a timely fashion with skill and precision.
  • TechSitters Network Operations Center – As your network operations center, TechSitters will help your business to mitigate downtime caused by service outages. Through granular and proactive monitoring of critical resources, TechSitters network operations center provides you with sound peace of mind in knowing you will be open for business.
  • TechSitters Technology Coach – As your technology coach, TechSitters will provide you with advice and information about today’s latest technologies and help you decide if those technologies are right for you.

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